Errea Chicago double sided polyester mesh singlet in assorted colours

Erreà Chicago Basketball Singlet


A few years ago, a famous TV spot said Two is megl che one (meaning: two is better than one - megl stands for meglio, i.e. better in Italian): the Chicago basketball jersey perfectly reflects the idea behind this advert and offers two jerseys in one. The Chicago basketball jersey for men by Erreà, is completely reversible and can therefore be used for both home or away matches. In addition to offering two basketball jerseys in one, this sleeveless garment is extremely practical to wear in any match because of its highly comfortable fitting. Its crew-neck provides the greatest comfort and the seams have been minimised to avoid annoyances when you are attempting your impossible shots. Finally, the jersey fabric is extremely resistant but light-weight, and wicks sweat away to keep your skin dry at all times. You can make the most of this basketball jersey matching it with the Chicago shorts. Materials: Skin/Mesh6TP 100% Polyester. OEKO-TEX Certified