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Updated: Jun 24, 2021

Sport Plus Erreà Australasia are proud to welcome back Volleyball Australia. The four year agreement will see the Australian National Volleyball Teams showcase the Erreà brand in a style unique to Volleyball Australia. The team at Sport Plus are very excited to work closely with the Staff and Players at Volleyball Australia in designing the new National look.

Men's Volleyroos competing in Rimini will play 15 matches at the end of which the overall ranking will be drawn up. The teams finishing among the first four will qualify for the Final Four phase, that will take the form of semi-finals and finals.

Watch all the games LIVE at Volleyball TV. Full Match replays and Highlights. Catch up on all the action. Player interviews, Game analysis. Don't miss any of the Volleyball Nations League.

Men's Volleyroos Head Coach Marcos Miranda with the team in Poland.

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