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The Errea 2020 Collection has arrived !!!

Updated: Jul 28, 2020

With totally revamped graphics and format, and above all conceptually innovative, 2020 Collection shows off all its diversity and distinctiveness, beginning with the cover and the distinctive claim - “MANUFACTURERS SINCE 1988”. At its core are the main features, a series of hand-drawn illustrations, each of which is dedicated to the major sports kitted out by Erreà and clearly recall the technical data sheets and drafts usually dedicated to the study of the product.

The graphic stitchings that embellish the publication and the hand-written greeting from the company's President offer just a flavour of the emphasis that this catalogue places on manufacturing and on the uniqueness of being a manufacturing company. This is something that is intentionally examined in greater depth in the first section dedicated to the production chain and to the culture of tailoring that epitomises Erreà Sport, and is the ultimate strength and key point that sets it apart from its competitors, and that is this catalogue's real innovation.

2020 Collection then opens with the extensive section dedicated to the 5 LOOKS.

In addition to a description of their major features, each of these, starting with the new “Diamantis”, is presented in all its component parts and related kits, by means of a still life image and a live model shot alongside a full-page location fashion shot. Each of these, in actual fact, has an entire page dedicated to the manufacturing process that leads to the finished garment, and explains the work that goes in to each and every product, using the facts to justify and demonstrate the quality. A special 3D blow-up provides a detailed look at the main structure of the key product in each outfit. At the end of the Looks section, a special “Trousers” section contains the entire range of different trousers, suitable and available for leisure time.

This is followed by the Competition, Goalkeepers, Basket, Rugby, Athletics, Jackets, Base layer and Accessories sections. Each section is separated by a graphical sketch that simulates a technical data sheet with the characteristics regarding the garment's fabric and minutest details.

The totally new and final “Full Custom Experience” section, for the first time ever totally incorporated within the actual catalogue, contains the entire list of customised pre-cut transfers from which the customer can choose, in terms of customisation, something that has always been one of Erreà's more distinctive and key excellences. And it is in this section, in actual fact, that it is possible to grasp all the strength that lies behind being manufacturers and the extraordinary opportunity that is offered to consumers and sports clubs to create a totally unique and customised look capable of providing an exclusive and inimitable identity and image.

Another significant innovation is the inclusion, among the fabrics available, of the brand-new techno stretch - lightweight and elasticised, without the use of Elastan yarn - that completes the already extremely wide range of choices of fabrics used.

A totally new and different type of catalogue that confirms the very high level of service that Erreà offers its customers and sports clubs and that is the result of its know how acquired from over thirty years of experience dedicated to all those who love sport with passion and enjoyment.

“We dress sport as a manufacturer with the culture of tailoring

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