Errea Elliot 100% polyester shirt

Erreà Elliot Shirt

SKU: FM670/FM671

Elliot by Erreà is an elegant short-sleeved shirt designed to support you in the most important matches. It is the perfect football shirt to dress the team at the moment of the competition, when you go out on the field and face your opponents. Elliot, a race t-shirt, breathable and versatile. Inspired by the historic designs of Erreà, the Elliot shirt is extremely elegant and refined, also thanks to the vertical stripes that can be customized in the color that sports on the front and back. To improve wearability and comfort, on this shirt we have inserted a round collar with elastic sweatband and a short sleeve with wrist and hem on the bottom. Thanks to the Skin fabric with which it is made, Elliot is synonymous with extreme lightness and gives a strong feeling of freedom on the skin. At the same time it is characterized by a fit and elasticity suitable for every occasion and perfect for the most important and demanding games. Normal wearability.  Fabric: Skin. OEKO-TEX Certified