Elegant Lightweight B-HIVE fabric shirt with embroidered club logo.



The B-HIVE fabric is made with a special honeycomb weave made up of micro air chambers. This new combination of threads guarantees remarkable breathability and extreme lightness. An innovative fabric with a special honeycomb weaving made up of micro air chambers. Less fabric comes in contact with the skin thanks to the minute air chambers which soak up sweat, guarantee extraordinary regulation of body temperature and a feeling of immense comfort.The yarn is double and composed of fibres with different tones to obtain the characteristic “mélange” colour, a chiaroscuro effect obtained with double dyeing typical of casual style. With a soft, comfortable feel, the fabric follows each movement of the body with extraordinary naturalness. Soft and comfortable to the touch, the fabric follows every movement of the body with a natural flow.The new B-HIVE fabric is also Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 certified and does not release substances which are harmful to the skin or constitute a health risk.

Erreà SORRENTO FC Praga 3.0 Shirt

SKU: FM950/1SFC-190