Erreà Sinuous sleeveless performance compression garment.

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Erreà Sinuous sleeveless 3D Compression wear

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Sinuous by Erreà is a sleeveless thermal undershirt with a technical jacquard-woven design in the main areas where sweating occurs. Thanks to its highly breathable areas, its medium compression areas (on the chest) and its high compression areas (on the sides), this shirt is extremely light and thin, and provides comfort without constraints. This shirt is perfect to use for practicing sport both in summertime and in wintertime: thanks to the technical materials used to produce it, it helps maintain constant body temperature by allowing the skin to breathe, thus improving muscle oxygenation which, in turn, allows athletes to obtain higher performances. This garment is ideal for practicing any athletic activity as it has been designed to provide support and protection in all conditions. Made of Ti-Energy fabric. thanks to the use of silver and titanium nano-particles, this fabric is water-repellent, antibacterial, stain-resistant and it eases blood flow. This is a unisex model, perfect for both men and women. OEKO-TEX Certified