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Ti-Energy: Nanotech Revolution

The first company in the European team wear sector to receive the Oeko-Tex certification, Erreà sport has provided another significant first: the production of absolutely unique and exclusive technical products thanks to the use of nanotechnology.

Tested for the first time during the 2008/2009 season by various top level teams, such as Atalanta BC, Parma FC and Middlesbrough FC, the revolutionary nano-technological match wear has achieved notable success since it’s first appearance.

Nanotechnology refers to a field of applied science whose theme is the control of matter on an atomic and molecular scale.

Nanotechnology is a highly multidisciplinary field, drawing from a number of fields such as applied physics, materials science, interface and colloid science, device physics, supramolecular chemistry (which refers to the area of chemistry that focuses on the noncovalent bonding interactions of molecules), self-replicating machines and robotics, chemical engineering, mechanical engineering, biological engineering, and electrical engineering.

The revolutionary prospects of nanotechnology are related to the fact that it is a completely new way to produce materials, structures and devices with completely new properties and functionalities.

In the textile and clothing industry nanotechnologies are making a big impact determining new fiber features that influence production systems.

All the innovative Erreà kits manufactured with this technology have silver and titanium nano-particles that provide additional qualities. Thanks to these particles, the new textile T-Energy has water and oil repellency, anti-stain, anti-static, anti-bacterial and breathable properties.

The nano-particles give more resistance but at the same time more smoothness and aesthetic appeal.

The nano-particles form a barrier that blocks the penetration of liquids and stain. With this process the textile properties remain permanent, as apposed to applying a finish after the normal material is produced, which is not permanent.

The particles of dirt remain on the surface and can be removed with a greatly reduced amount of detergent and a much shorter drying time.

The particles of silver and titanium contribute also to block bacterial proliferation.

The particles of titanium increases blood circulation and helps to maintain steady body and muscle temperature thanks to the emission of infrared ions.

Thanks to the oxygen flow, the material aids the elimination of toxins, the re-absorbition of lactic acid and the reduction of inflammation and micro-traumas, effectively speeding up recuperation from muscle injuries.

The two graphs demonstrate the speed and enhancement of the blood circulation in relation to wearing a tradition 3D Wear garment (fig.1) and a 3D wear shirt made using nano-particles of silver and titanium (fig. 2). Please note the considerable increase of the blood flow when wearing the new 3D Wear line in Ti-energy fabric.

Parma FC, Atalanta BC, Bari AS, Numancia CD and Viadana Rugby are the prestigious teams sponsored by Erreà during the 2009/2010 season who will be wearing ‘nanotech’ match clothing, recognised on the international stage for quality and innovation.

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