As the 2020-2021 season takes off, Erreà is proud to present and take to the field with the new Print iD Line, the revolutionary product concept with a focus on the concept of customisation, exalting to the utmost the notion of identity and image.

Thanks to the distinctive print that identifies each garment, with Print iD, Erreà once again makes a lot more space available for customisation to sports clubs and associations, on which it is possible to make the wings of creativity fly and print designs, patterns, symbols, inscriptions and images that will make the product increasingly distinctive and precious in its uniqueness.

13 of Errea’s top football clubs - Ado Den Haag, Carlisle United F.C., Cheltenham Town F.C., Crawley Town F.C., Florentia San Gimignano, Grimsby Town, Norwich F.C., Numancia C.D., Parma Calcio 1913, Pescara Calcio, Port Vale F.C., Queens Park Rangers and Rochdale A.F.C. - have already taken on board the Print iD creative process by becoming endorsers for completely original garments made to measure for each one of them.

Once again, there are 6 leisurewear and competition wear models (polo shirts, t-shirts, vests, jackets and sweatshirts) that can be customised, thanks to the sublimation print positioned on the chest and sleeves, featuring endless colour variations and innovative textures, with no limits to creativity, ideas and inspiration.

Erreà thus strengthens and makes the most of customisation, which has always been its strong point and powerful hallmark, thanks to this extremely captivating project for the teams, which will have the chance to create some truly iconic pieces with enormous merchandising potential.

This is a new way for clubs from all sports and at all levels to make a statement and raise the quality bar still further, when building and expressing their very own, inimitable identity.

“Wear your identity”

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