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The 75th Anniversary of the foundation of C.D. NUMANCIA DE SORIA is celebrated with Erreà Sport

Friday 22 november saw the unveiling of a special celebratory shirt produced by Erreà to mark the 75th anniversary of the foundation of the Spanish club, with which has had a technical sponsor agreement since 2006.

A hugely significant milestone and anniversary that Erreà and C.D. Numancia wanted to highlight with the creation and production of a new, sophisticated and extremely stylish strip, that represents a leap back to the past and to a classic style.

To mark this anniversary, the shirt draws its inspiration from the tradition and history of the Numancia club with the clear intention of evoking the past. Produced in the Club's distinctive colours, with a red background and blue collar and cuffs, the shirt is a modern reinterpretation of a traditional retro model with a decidedly vintage style and effect.

The V-neck open-style collar, with the iconic white ties, contributes to this result, as does the use of the colour gold, that embellishes the club’s logo and that of Erreà in the centre.

On the left-hand side, a new club logo created specifically for the occasion celebrates Numancia’s 75th anniversary with the years 1945-2020, graphically recalling traces of the past and the city’s ancient origins.

In the lower part of the shirt, there is a high-definition and numbered label, that to all intents and purposes makes this a piece of memorabilia and a unique collector's piece.

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