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Sport Plus presents Indigenous inspired Volleyball Australia National Team uniforms

Sport Plus Erreà Australia and Volleyball Australia have unveiled the new national team kits, produced as a result of the close working partnership. Volleyball Australia (VA) is proud to announce that the new uniforms for the Australian National Teams designed using Indigenous-inspired artwork created by two-time Olympian and Indigenous artist Brad Hore will be proudly worn by the athletes at the Volleyball Nations League June 9 2022.

With the athletes in mind, the tops are made from Mundial fabric, which is soft, breathable and has a double-knit. All garments are certified Oeko-Tex Standard 100, the authoritative certificate that verifies all stages of the product chain by setting extremely strict limits on substances harmful to health. Once again, the kit is both refined and striking and is capable of providing a perfect combination of art, history, and the practicality of the garment.

The VA national team kits on which appear stylised depictions of

“The Wambuyn Mulumun” The Kangaroo Coast in Dunghutti language.

Artwork by Brad Hore

The Wambuyn (Kangaroo) only native to our land, represents us on the world stage. It creates an icon for our sport, it can represent us a people, as a mob, as a collective culture where working together creates a family.

The Mulumun (Coast) and sand surrounds our home, it’s what Australia is so known for. It protects our lands, feeding life and culture all around.

Our shores and kangaroos leaping high and only forward, working together in a mob creates a strong identity. With this story we connect it by showing our Volleyball athletes that whilst their coastal home and their passion surrounds our lands, we also surround them. This painting represents Australia with its rich colours of red ochre, green coastlines and beautiful rich sand surrounding our athletes where ever they go.

In the middle, connected by footprints are the Australian teams, both beach volleyball and indoor. To be apart of this elite team at any point of our history or future recognises the dedication of those who have walked before them, and those who walk with them. Surrounded by a collective country who are proud and honoured to always welcome them home.

*Artwork story text written by Indigenous Artist Brad Hore

It was an honour and a pleasure to be involved with this project. To take someone’s vision, their personal story, and translate that as a graphic onto clothing is not an easy task and it was very important to us that this was done correctly. After working closely with Sport Plus Erreà Australia, we believe we have produced something very special and that these garments are something that Volleyball Australia and everyone can relate to and be very proud to wear said Mr Angelo Gandolfi founder and CEO of Erreà Sport Italy.

“It is a privilege to play an intricate part in the design process of a garment that represents our traditional custodians,” added Lorraine Mendonca and George Aliferis from Sport Plus Errea Australia.

“Brad Hore’s artwork is truly inspirational, and it was exciting to be part of the team to make an idea come to fruition.

“Our partnership with Volleyball Australia continues to grow and strengthen.”

Photos by Roy Meuronen Photography

Australian Men’s Volleyroos team member, and proud Kombumerri man, Beau Graham said he was “overwhelmed with emotion” when the uniform was unveiled to him and his teammates this week.

“I was breathless and wordless,” Graham said.

“To finally have the beauty of Indigenous artwork and storytelling sewn into the Volleyroos apparel, it’s a fantastic step for Volleyball Australia.”

Graham said he feels so proud to be pulling on this new uniform, and he can’t wait to share Australia’s cultural identity with the global volleyball community.

“Wearing this uniform means that as a sporting family we acknowledge our First Nations of the land and show not just our own countrymen, but also show the world, the cultural and spiritual aspects of Indigenous Australians,” he said.

“We teach that as a team we represent Australia’s rich colours that encompass our land and in turn, encompass us.

“Whenever we put these jerseys on, we show the world that as a team we are one, and to be a part of the Volleyroos at any point in time, we recognise the dedication of those who walked before us, and those who walk with us.

“Australia is always with us.”

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