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Updated: Jun 30, 2021

FootGolf Australia is pleased to announce Erreà Australia as the Official Technical Sponsor.

FootGolf Australia and Erreà Australia have partnered in an exclusive range that sees the Italian clothing manufacturer become the official technical supplier for FootGolf Australia apparel products.

Erreà Sport Italy founded in 1988, Erreà is a leading Italian technical sportswear brand. Erreà products are worn in more than 70 countries by hundreds of professional teams and millions of pro and amateur athletes. From Archery, Football, and Volleyball to Rugby, Basketball, Formula One racing and more, teams rely on Erreà as their Official Technical Partner. Erreà Sport in Australia is represented by Sport Plus since 2005.

FootGolf Australia Director Mr Leonardo Fernandez said: “We are very pleased to welcome Erreà Australia as an official technical sponsor to FootGolf Australia. It is a pleasure to be working with a company that has proven to be innovative in manufacturing high-quality apparel products. FootGolf Australia’s athletes have already embraced Erreà’s products.”

The Team at Erreà Sport Australia (Sport Plus) said: “We are proud to be working with the team at FootGolf Australia. FootGolf Australia is a perfect partner for Erreà Sport here in Australia and internationally, we very much look forward to building a long-term mutual partnership in showcasing Erreà products to not only the Elite athletes but to all members and supporters of the FootGolf in Australia.

Footgolf Australia and Erreà Australia are pleased to announce the launch of the Official Footgolf Australia Merchandise Range. Available online Shop FOOTGOLF AUSTRALIA.

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