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Erreà Sport and Benetton Rugby unveil the new 2019-2020 official kits..

Imagination, paying homage to history, research into the fabric and attention to detail are the characteristics that best define the new shirts produced by Erreà Sport for Benetton Rugby's forthcoming 2019-2020 season.

With the traditional classic pattern of horizontal white and green stripes, at first sight the entirely transfer printed first shirt appears to have simple, clean lines.

A tribute to the Club’s history and extreme care and attention to the smallest detail make it a fashionable and totally new shirt.

The printing in the central body section is not neutral but has been produced in an original tricot texture, a finish that is reminiscent of the old woollen shirts and is a clear tribute to the historic origins and the famous garments with which Benetton achieved fame and recognition throughout the entire world of fashion.

The upper part of the shirt, at chest height, is moreover enriched with a distinctive rubberised serigraph located in the areas where the ball is most likely to be caught.

Care has also gone into the crew neck which has a special insert created in a camouflage pattern that will be the recurring theme for the entire leisurewear collection. And like last year, the claim “E’ ORA DI RUGGIRE” (It's Time to Roar) remains on the inside.A great deal of thought has also gone into the shirt's totally green back, with the colours of the Italian flag below the collar - in order to underscore the Italian nature of the franchise - and the print that also includes the signatures of the entire squad for 2019-2020.

Also confirmed is the use of the technology applied to the shirt that below the collar includes a space, held in place by a special thickened fabric, to house the GPS tracking device that monitors players’ performances throughout the match.

Technical and absolutely precious “Ruck” fabric is used in the making of the main body of the shirt that is characterised by its exceptional resistance combined with excellent elasticity and wearability features. The first shirt combines with the white and orange coloured shorts and green socks embellished with white details.

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