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Active Tense Performance... See how it works

Following more than 3 years of research, dozens of prototypes and over 100 tests carried out by sporting professionals in more than 30 different disciplines in competitions and training, Erreà Sport® presents Active Tense®.

Designed in collaboration with osteopaths, physiotherapists and professional athletes,

ACTIVE TENSE® is the only line of sportswear to feature a flexible exoskeleton embedded in each garment.

Active Tense® was inspired by kinesiology taping to provide exceptional joint and muscle stabilization during exercise.

The unique biodynamic design of Active Tense® with its one-of-a-kind patented ergonomic design ensure the perfect fit while accompanying the body’s natural movements.

The use of multiple surfaces ensures rapid sweat dispersion and effective ventilation to keep the body dry and comfortable.

Active Tense® is 100% Made in Italy and OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 certified to guarantee the highest safety and quality standards.


The embedded exoskeleton in Active Tense® garments supports the body’s natural movements by improving posture without inhibiting freedom of movement through a combination of active and passive stabilization.

ACTIVE STABILIZATION Active stabilization offers graded muscle and joint support aimed at enhancing the body’s natural movements, keeping them on the right path and eliminating movements that are wrong or unnatural.

PASSIVE STABILIZATION Passive stabilization is a functional guide that encourages the body to adopt an appropriate posture and helps muscles and joints to stay properly aligned.

Active Tense® reduces muscle vibration and therefore fatigue during and after exercise while improving proprioceptivity, the capacity to perceive and recognize the position of the body in space, a crucial aspect of movement control. Thanks to its exceptional levels of support for joints and muscles and the resulting reduction of stress for the body, Active Tense® also ensures improved post-injury recovery times. Following more than two years of research, Erreà® presents the new Active Tense® Lite.

The innovative AT Lite apparel is designed for those who want the ergonomic posture support of Active Tense® also in their daily lives.

The ultralight fabric, single-colour, “V”-neck design of the shirts make AT Lite garments elegant and comfortable, and ideally suited for use at any time during the day. In addition, the heatwelded exoskeleton and the differentiated fitting point construction of the garment provide effective support to joints and muscle groups for improved performance and recovery-rates after competitions, training and injuries.

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